• Multitech Damper Solutions... vibrations killer specialist since 30 years

    From 0.20 Hz to 3 Hz; from 20 kg (45 lb) to 150 t (330 000 lb) and more Multitech Damper Solutions will design the best suitable damper for your specific case. All dampers are certified by laboratory Testing at very large scale. After 30 years of real practical experience Multitech Damper Solutions is the number one.
  • 100 m double skin steel stack operating at 600°C

    Saudi- with anti vibration damper at top acting as top platform and anti smoke downwash system
  • Liquid damper

    used as a top platform on a 135 m multi-flue stack.
  • Damping of a
    slender structure

  • Achieved damping

    from 2% to 5% depending frequency tuning
    Multitech Damper Solutions is an engineering company active in the field of steel stacks till 150 m (500 ft) and concrete chimneys till 275 m (900 ft) since more than 30 years. All slender structures are subject to wind induced vibration and by the time we have developed a set of various dampers. In addition to solving the vibration and fatigue issue, the dampers allow a significant reduction of the along wind loads meaning reduction of reduction of the quantities of material (steel, concrete, piles etc) .Multitech Damper Solutions is supporting for free the design of its clients by making a global optimization of the full system foundation+stack+damper.

    Multitech is a specialist of slender structures design and of various solution of damper (TMD of different types) and of Liquid damper. Our target is to support on long thern basis our partners and consequently we offer free evaluation of your practical problem.
    • Liquid damper
    • Tuned Mass Damper (cable coil, dashpot, viscous)
    • Laboratory testing
    • Stack design
    Vibration Studies

    In order to be more competitive Engineers design more and more lighter and slender structures to save weight and transport costs.

    Structure becomes more economical but are also more sensitive to wind enduced vibration (vortex shedding), mecahnical induced vibration (fans); waves , earthquake.... Solution is given by the use of appropriate damper type or in some occasion in design modification. Multitech will be your partner to design the best economical structure+damper solution.

    Tuned mass Damper

    Multitech is designer of many types of Tuned Mass Damper. There is no universel damper. Some are excelent if ambient conditions are very aggressives ; some when modal mass are huge; some others when vibration cycles is low, some when vibration amplitude is smal or huge etc.

    Each structure a is different and Multitech is able to give the most appropriate solution to any problem

    Liquid Damper

    Liquid damper can be used in many cases. They are not universal depending of frequency and level of vibration eccitation but they cover a large band of application.

    In a lot of cases they can be used as a top pltaform or as connexion device between 2,3 or 4 slender structure and paly a second role and not be just a damper. Consequently they are generaly a global cheap solution.

    Stack design

    Multitech is a specialist to design slender structures for more than 25 years and has gained a lot of experience in the design of steel stack of any kind. Our goal is to provide the best economical solution :structure + transport + damper to give our partners the best competitivness on the international markets.

    In the field of steel stacks we can design all types of stacks such as single flue; double skin, multiflue, refractory lined; steel lined, FRP lined, borosilicate lined, flake/resin lined etc and able to withand operation conditions ranging from 50°C to 850°C or more.



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